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IridiumのCertus広帯域、Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications(CPDLC)、およびその他の航空サービスとGMDSS(Global Maritime Distress and Safety System)サービスが日本で規制当局の承認を受けました。


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Over the past several years, Iridium has been working on regulatory amendments with the MIC to incorporate these services into the Japanese regulatory framework, while many other Iridium services have long been approved. Following all required processes of the regulatory amendments, Japanese-flagged aircraft, ships and other customers can begin use of these Iridium services.

Iridium Certus aviation solutions are planned for availability in late 2021 and will serve business, commercial, government and general aviation aircraft, including rotorcraft. The service will offer a variety of speeds and features low-profile L-band antennas and lightweight terminals designed to enable high-quality voice, IP data, email and web browsing. Iridium Certus aviation services in Japan will be provided by Navicom Aviation.

The MIC’s official approval of regulatory amendments for Iridium CPDLC and Iridium GMDSS were both issued in early 2021. CPDLC is a text-based communications service directly between aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers and is used for air traffic management. The service is now fully approved for use in Japanese airspace and for adoption by Japanese-flagged aircraft. Iridium aviation CPDLC service in Japan is being provided by KDDI and Navicom Aviation.

Iridium GMDSS service formally launched in late 2020 and combines distress alert, safety voice, and maritime safety information in one terminal, the Lars Thrane LT-3100S. This service offers global connectivity including in Sea Area A4, for Japanese Flag vessels. Iridium GMDSS service is being provided in Japan by Arion Japan, Marlink and Satcom Global.

“We are proud that Iridium completed the process for approval of the regulatory amendments by the MIC after rigorous examination,” said Bryan Hartin, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Iridium. “Delivered through our resilient satellite network, Iridium services can keep customers in Japan safe and connected. Following approval, Iridium’s global offerings of Iridium Certus, CPDLC and GMDSS will benefit the Japanese airlines and maritime industries everywhere on the planet.”

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