Extra univ。 entrance exams held in Japan for those impacted by COVID

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An extra round of unified university entrance exams started across Japan on Saturday for students who missed out on the annual tests earlier this month due to coronavirus infections and other illnesses, as well as the impact of a tsunami caused by a massive in

The 2-day tests are taking place at 48 venues across the country with a total of 1,659 people allowed to participate, the second-highest number of attendees on record for follow-up exams, according to the National Center for University Entrance Examina.

Students walk to the venue of their entrance exams in Tokyo on Jan. 29, 2022. (京都)

The tests are being held under strict safety measures following a stabbing attack during the Jan. 15-16 round of exams at the University of Tokyo that left three people injured.

In response to Japan’s sixth wave of COVID-19 infections, organizers took anti-virus measures at test venues, such as ensuring room ventilation.

Masked students were seen entering the gates of Tokyo University of the Arts in the capital’s Taito Ward at 8 am under the surveillance of uniformed police officers.

The organizers also notified the venues to strengthen patrolling in exam rooms and prevent students from cheating using electronic devices after a Jan. 15 incident in which a person leaked a question during the unified exams using her smartphone to take pictures of the test paper.

Geography, history, civics, Japanese language and foreign-language sections of the exams were held on Saturday, while sections on science and mathematics will be held on Sunday.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has asked participating institutions to make their own judgments for students who miss out on the follow-up exams due to being infected with the coronavirus and possibly arrange separate exams for them.

Additionally, 181 students of Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, who were unable to take the Jan. 16 part of the annual tests will be allowed to sit Sunday’s science and math exams if they wish.

The Miyako students were affected by a tsunami warning issued because of the Tonga eruption on Jan. 15.

This year’s unified university entrance exams, held for the second time after replacing the National Center Test for University Admissions last year, drew a total of 530,367 applicants, with 864 national, public and private universities and junior colleges using the results for selects

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